We utilize industry leading tools and technologies to effectively engage project stakeholders through all project phases. By working closely together, our discovery process uncovers the mission-critical project goals and hidden constraints that dictate project outcomes.  Unlike many other firms, we carefully lead our clients through every project phase to ensure that decisions are made with understanding and in service to client expectations.

Process - Sukkar Rendering

Our process is driven by the pursuit of excellence in design and client satisfaction through all project phases.


Clients rely on us to pull all business-critical information from them. Our team works interactively with project stakeholders to document needs and goals before beginning design.

Process - Exploration
Process - Conceptualization - Working at Desk


We use freehand sketches at the earliest stages of design to establish an initial direction. We also use advanced computer modeling and rendering to guide our clients through the concepting and visualization process.


Contractors routinely cite Browne McGregor Architects for the quality of our plans and specifications. Great design is ineffective without thoroughly coordinated and thoughtfully detailed construction documents. We coordinate our Building Information Model (BIM) with other design team members and the contractor to avoid costly construction issues, and all our projects must pass our three-step quality assurance review process prior to the start of construction.

Process - Documentation - David
Process - Construction - Site Visit


Browne McGregor effectively works under all contractual delivery methods and excels at contractor coordination on cost and schedule. In addition, the key design team members will remain involved throughout construction to help provide our clients with a seamless, guided experience through to completion.


In addition to traditional operations, maintenance, and warranty coordination support, we offer business support services such as lease activity assistance and BOMA measurement services. These services are tailored to each client, dependent upon their market sector.

Process - Post-Occupancy


Our process holds true regardless of facility type; all our clients invariably require our services to support their effort to grow their businesses and stay competitive. Each client and each project have constraints. It is our unique ability to align our clients’ needs with their project constraints, executed with a focus on client satisfaction, that earns us the highest form of praise in repeat business and long-term clients.

“Cory has always been heavily involved and remains involved throughout the process from designto construction and ending with the client’s final certificat of occupancy.”

Jon Morgan, Senior Vice President, Mission Constructors, Inc.

“Since the very early stages of pre-development Charles and Jim have took the project as their own and in a huge way made it possible to where we are today. Aesthetically, the 35,000 sq ft office building is modern, yet retaining some of that central Texas charm and we couldn’t be more happy with how it has turned out. Praise for the design has come from fellow developers, to bankers to architects alike. Moreover, we are deeply thankful for the countless hours, professionalism and devotion they’ve put to the project.”

Diego Madrid, MGC Capital

“It is such a pleasure to work with an extremely competent and responsive architectural firm. I used BMA from the earliest phases of planning my project and I’m so proud of the final outcome. I continue to have a wonderful relationship with their warm and helpful architects and support staff. I look forward to working with them on my next project.”

Dain Brooks, MD