Why Are Commercial Office Projects Different?

The build it and they will come era of office building design is long gone. As the developer, Gerald Hines, first demonstrated in the 1970’s – good design sells. In today’s market a successful project must have curb appeal, upscale common areas and finishes, convenient parking, relevant amenities, low operating costs, and a competitive load factor. Additionally, today’s generation of tenants value and demand work-life harmony.

Long hours and brutal commutes come with of trade-off: a more stimulating and flexible work environment, amenities for healthy living, and commitment to social responsibility.

Employers and developers of commercial office buildings must thread the needle between cost-efficient construction, competitive lease terms and twenty first century design for discerning tenants.

We have completed over 20 commercial project together. They have included healthcare, office and retail projects ranging in size up to 100,000 square feet. Browne McGregor Architects thoroughly coordinate, detail and document their work, which sets them above their competition.

Harold Thompson, Senior Vice President, Metzger Construction Company